2021 Pilot Conference

Rebuilding a Better Airline Training System

To view a PDF version of the PowerPoint presentations given at EATS 2021, please click on the speaker name, and then click on the button to view the PDF. Any questions regarding the EATS 2021 presentations please email Fiona Greenyer at fiona@halldale.com.

Day 1 – Tuesday 2nd November 2021

Session 1 – Opening Remarks
1) Jesper Rasmussen, Flight Standards Director, EASA
Aviation Training 2.0: Upgrade to a New Normal
2) Captain Andy Mitchell, Chair, EASA Aircrew Training Policy Group (ATPG)
ATPG Evolution: Tactical & Strategic Industry Support for Aviation Training 2.0

Session 2 – Industry Issues
1) Carl Davis, Director, Global Air Crew Operations, Boeing Test & Evaluation
Trends in Aviation Training and Projections for Pilot, Technician and Cabin Crew Demand
2) Captain David Owens, Director of Training Policy, CAE
Process and Technology to Aid in the Implementation of EBT in the European Context
3) Captain Stéphan Labrucherie, Airbus Head of Flight Training Worldwide
An Integrated and Comprehensive Journey: The Flight Training Reference Approach

Session 3 – Regulatory Update
EASA Panel moderated by Bernard Bourdon

  • Daan Dousi, Manager Aircrew & Medical Standards & Implementation Section, EASA
  • Francisco Arenas Alvarino, Senior OPS Expert, EASA
  • Ascanio Russo, Aircrew Expert, Flight Crew Licensing, EASA
  • Capt. Albert Mazzia, A380 Flight Training Manager, Flight Operations Safety and Policy, Airbus
  • Capt. Olivier Mazzoleni, International Regulatory Affairs, Airbus Flight Training
  • Capt. Christian Schmid, IAAPS

Session 4 – EBT/CBTA
1) Scott Nutter, Principal, Touch & Go Solutions
Lessons Learned from 30 Years of AQP
2) Captain Christian Norden, Founder & CEO, norden.aero GmbH
Lessons Learned from EBT Implementation
3) Georges Rebender, Independent Innovative Affairs Expert/Former EASA Head of Department Aircrew and Medical
Integrating Advanced Training Tools into the Pilot’s Training System

Day 2 – Wednesday 3rd November 2021

Session 5 – Innovative Techniques
1) Frederik Mohrmann, EBT Program Manager & Anneke Nabben, NLR – Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre
Certifying and Accrediting New Training Devices: A Way Forward with Blended Learning
2) Fabi Riesen, CEO, VRM Switzerland
The Road to Certifying the First VR Simulator
3) Toni Valles-Catala, Head of Research, CESDA
Stress Comparison Between Virtual Reality Flight Simulator and Usual Flight Simulator Training Devices

Session 6 – HoT Topics
1) Captain Tanja Harter, Executive Board Director for Technical Affairs, European Cockpit Association
Flying Again After the Pandemic – Supporting Readiness and Resilience of the Crews
2) Dr. Sunjoo K. Advani, President, International Development of Technology b.v. & Coen van Straaten, Lead Engineer, Avion Group
Is UPRT Killing My Simulator?
3) Helen Heenan, KURA Human Factors
A Startling Predicament

Session 7 – Selection/Ab Initio
1) Karen Moore, Principal Occupational Psychologist, Symbiotics & Jean-François Delisle, AI Strategist, CAE
Predicting Pilot Performance Using Psychometry and Flight Performance Data
2) Colin Rydon, Group CEO/COO, Pilot Flight Academy
A New Model of Ab Initio Training
3) Captain Andy O’Shea, CEO, The Airline Pilot Club
For the Many, Not the Few

Session 8 – Human Factors
1) Lex Rock Heemstra
Why Even Experienced Pilots Get It Wrong Sometimes
2) Gitte Furdal Damm & Birgitte Johansen, About Human Factors
Does CRM Need an Update?
3) Conor McKenna, CEO & Founder, Vocavio Technologies
Fight or Flight? How Data from Voice Biosignals Brings Advantage to Crew Training

EATS 2022
8-9 November 2022
Estrel Hotel, Berlin, Germany