ATO at EATS Programme

Recognising the important role that Flight Academy ATOs have in providing future pilots in sufficient numbers and of a quality suitable to move on to commercial multi-engine jet operations, Halldale introduced a special ATO programme for EATS 2022.

The programme was designed for key staff from FA ATOs to join us at EATS by providing relevant content in the pilot conference with a dedicated ATO breakout session running alongside the main conference.

ATO Breakout Session

1) Thomas Leoff, Chair, International Association of Aviation Personnel Schools (IAAPS)
Challenges and Possible Solutions for Commercial Pilot Training in 2023 and Beyond
2) Audrey Jeffroy, Sales Director, ALSIM Simulators
Advanced Simulation in the Context of Sustainability
3) Captain Colin Rydon, CEO, Pilot Flight Academy
How Easy is it Finding the Next Generation of Commercial Pilots?

The EATS 2022 pilot conference programme also contained Flight Academy ATO relevant content such as:

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