Henrik Wiechel

Henrik Wiechel

Nominated Person Crew Member Training, Nova Airlines AB

Implementing EBT for Cabin Crew

EBT is fundamentally a system for pilot recurrent training and checking. There is no doubt that the method is very effective and beneficial for the overall training outcome. Some areas of the pilot training programme are however combined with e.g. cabin crew. To be able to fully adapt to the EBT programme and principles it is necessary to assess all parts equally regardless of role and function of the trainee. The cabin crew however does not have a similar program.

How do you construct an EBT program for cabin crew that makes it possible to combine the training program for both groups and benefit from the extensive research going into EBT?

How do you benefit from EBT when adapting the program to other disciplines that are lacking fundamental parts of the EBT programme (e.g. simulator training, line evaluation of competence etc)?

Nova Airlines have been practising the mixed implementation of EBT for the past two years. We have implemented the EBT principals for pilots, cabin crew and flight dispatchers. I would like to share the lessons learned from this journey and show how we have tried to solve the problems encountered when trying to implement a programme, constructed specifically for pilot training, on other disciplines.

Through simple analysis methods and procedures, we have created a program that takes full advantage of the positive effects of the EBT method also for other disciplines within the company. The training programme is simple in its design but very appreciated by the students as well as the instructors. Since all disciplines within the company are conducting training through the same EBT method, we can extract more useful information and statistics from the system than what we would achieve through a EBT programme solely adapted to pilots.

Cabin Crew Conference
Day 1 – Tuesday 8th November 2022
Session 3 – 1415-1545

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