Cabin Crew Conference

Rebuilding a Better Airline Training System

Day 1 – Tuesday 2nd November 2021

0900-1000 Session 1 – Opening Remarks
1) Jesper Rasmussen, Flight Standards Director, EASA
Aviation Training 2.0: Upgrade to a New Normal
2) Captain Andy Mitchell, Chair, EASA Aircrew Training Policy Group (ATPG)
ATPG Evolution: Tactical & Strategic Industry Support for Aviation Training 2.0

1000-1100 Coffee Break

1100-1230 Session 2
1) Daan Dousi, Manager Aircrew and Medical Standards and Implementation Section, EASA
2) Juliana Oliveira, Senior Cabin Crew & CRM Instructor
Rebuilding Better Airline Training
3) Raghoonundun “Birdy” Gunputh, Product Manager Safety Training, Lufthansa Aviation Training
Training Paradigm Shift: Innovative Philosophy for Competency-Driven Outcomes

1230-1400 Lunch

1400-1530 Session 3 – CRM
1) Helen Heenan, KURA Human Factors
It’s Okay Not to be Okay, and Other Platitudes
2) Lex Rock Heemstra
Preparing Cabin Crew for the Next Aviation Crisis – the Recovery
3) Ilona Podzigun, ex Qatar Airways
Resilience – Bouncing Back to Normal

1530-1615 Coffee Break

1615-1745 Session 4
1) John Franklin, Head of Safety Promotion, EASA & Claudio Marturano, CEO, T-C Alliance
2) Round Table Discussions

1745 Reception

Day 2 – Wednesday 3rd November 2021

0900-1030 Session 5 – Innovative Techniques
1) Karen Moore, Principal Occupational Psychologist, Symbiotics
Mental Wellbeing Challenges During and Post Covid-19
2) Marco van Sterkenburg, Founder, Drillster
The Need to Redesign Training Methods After Covid
3) Ian Mitchell, Lead Cabin Crew Training Designer, Air Canada
Air Canada’s Pandemic Training Experience

1030-1115 Coffee Break

1115-1245 Session 6
1) Ivan Noël, President, Inflight Innovations Inc./Director, Inflight Institute.com
Competency-Based Training in the Cabin
2) Jules Kneepkens, Co Director & Ray Elgy, Co Director, AQE b.v.
Evaluation Studies on the Impact of e-Learning
3) Thora Halldora Gunnarsdottir, Project Manager, Training Center, Icelandair & Dr. Paul Nolan, MD, ASTech
Cabin Crew iPad-based Drag ‘N Drop Assessment for Correct Safety Equipment Location

1245-1400 Lunch

1400-1530 Session 7
1) Noel Houlihan, Safety Training Officer & Chief Instructor Cabin Crew Training, Aer Lingus
Building a Virtual Training Academy
2) Lene-Marie Nissen, Chief Cabin Crew Instructor, Thomas Faurby, Training Coordinator Cabin Crew & Vibeke Duus Bache, Cabin Emergency Instructor and Purser, SAS
Virtual Reality – Next Generation
3) Marcin Berezowski, Chief Instructor Safety & Security, Ryanair DAC
Virtual Classroom Training for New Cabin Crew – Lessons Learnt

1530-1615 Coffee Break

1615-1745 Session 8 – Human Factors
1) Lex Rock Heemstra
Why Even Experienced Pilots Get it Wrong Sometimes
2) Gitte Furdal Damm & Birgitte Johansen, About Human Factors
Does CRM Need an Update?
3) Corinna Cremer, CEO, safe & resilient people
Resilient Mental Skills as the Passport for the Future

1745 Closing Remarks