Trevor Dale

Trevor Dale

Managing Director, Atrainability Ltd.

Making Memories Sticky – Writing to the Long-Term Memory

Human factors continue to feature significantly in aviation safety statistics for cabin and flight crew as well as engineering and support teams.

In the post pandemic world, the need to create professional, high performing employees from inexperienced staff quickly and effectively has never been greater.

So why do we rely on training methodologies that address the short-term memory and fail to embed both the knowledge and behaviours required to deliver the desired safety culture? And why do we rely on testing methodologies that do not demonstrate knowledge acquisition and provide a false sense of security?

Time sequenced learning, and the corresponding testing protocols, is increasingly being used to improve the retention of knowledge and the embedding of behaviours in organisations such as the Police and the NHS. It’s application in aviation training can provide a true step change in safety-related training.

Cabin Crew Conference
Day 2 – Wednesday 9th November 2022
Session 5 – 0900-1030