Mark Farquhar


Chief Training Captain, easyJet

Innovating Crew Training Throughout the Pandemic

With over 320 aircraft easyJet operate over 1000 routes, in 35 countries with 150 destinations, easyJet is one of the worlds largest airlines. easyJet Chief Training Captain Mark Farquhar will share insight to how the easyJet training department evolved to overcome the challenges that the pandemic presented and used it as an opportunity to holistically rethink how they could improve training effectiveness, to better serve their customers, more than 12,000 pilots and cabin crew throughout Europe.

With a team over 600 instructors, the solutions and insights learned, have already delivered tangible training improvements. The transformation has created a culture of innovation that will enable continual improvement to ensure future generations are best served and improve industry safety in the long term.

Cabin Crew Conference
Day 1 – Tuesday 8th November 2022
Session 3 – 1415-1545

Pilot Conference
Day 2 – Wednesday 9th November 2022
Session 5 – 0900-1030

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