Captain Yann Renier & Captain Olivier Mazzoleni

Yann Renier

Captain Yann Renier
Head of Training & Licensing, IATA

Olivier Mazzoleni

Captain Olivier Mazzoleni
Deputy Head of Airbus Training Worldwide

Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) Expansion

In the context of global CBTA expansion including Evidence Based Training, the presentation will provide awareness on the instruction system design (ISD) procedures. The speakers will elaborate specifically on the latest Airbus-IATA initiatives that have enabled them to address the challenges of the international provisions related to ISD. In particular, the competency development in the context of a type rating will be used to practically illustrate the progression of the pilot performance towards the final competency standards. Based on this specific example, the speakers will mention other initiatives for CBTA operator courses and will provide a vision for efficient use of the training tool with regards to the competency development.

Pilot Conference
Day 1 – Tuesday 8th November 2022
Session 4 – 1630-1800

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