Peter Hogston

Head of Training, L3Harris

Training the Next Generation

Pilot training technology has been slowly changing over the last 5 years with the introduction of devices such as fixed based training devices and computer based programs that offer a training environment outside of Full Flight simulators. Although these changes have been significant in delivering additional value to ATO’s, operators and pilots by providing cost efficiencies, a focused training environment and access to training time, the next generation of technology is imminently upon us. This is the era of data.

The proposed amendment to EASA NPA 2020-15 offers more flexibility in obtaining training credits by using other types of training devices outside the traditional course footprints however, the devices will only be a component for delivering training.

Data has to be the enabler to shift towards evidence base training where capability signatures determine the device that will provide the best value for time based on individual pilot’s key competencies. It will be key that data drives these decisions but also benchmarks pilots based on their peers and also against industry, which ultimately requires data sources from outside of the training environment.

A challenge the industry will face is the rate of change required across each of the regulatory authorities, cultural differences and regulatory bodies delivering changes in a harmonised way. ATO’s plus technology manufactures and OEMs need to work closer with operators and in partnership to ensure changes are made across the board.

The shift towards training decision being based on data will see introduction of newer training technologies that can focus on improving certain key competencies such as VR/AR. Operators will benefit by being able to better manage risk through training that is based on pilots individual requirements and pilots will benefit from training that is based on behaviours, better equipping them to deal with a wider range of situations.

Pilot Conference
Day 2 – Wednesday 9th November 2022
Session 7 – 1415-1545