Corinna Cremer

Corinna Cremer, CEO, safe & resilient people

Working for the aerospace industry and other high reliability organizations for more than 15 years. Based in Berlin, serving my clients all over the world. Being a pilot myself I am an active member of Stiftung Mayday, supporting crews after critical incidents. Beyond, I am the head of a charity organization providing intervention and prevention for people in distress. Corinna Cremer is listed in the Catalog of German Space Actors, published by the Federal Ministry of Economics and the DLR German Aerospace Institute.

Resilient Mental Skills as the Passport for the Future

Any effort to rebuild a better airline training system must include answers in dealing with the challenges people’s brains are facing confronted with the complexity, instability and dynamics of the early 21.C.

Until now, crews are supported at best after critical incidents. As times are changing faster than the human brain is able to adapt by evolution we boost the development of needed skills as delivering fast decisions, impulse control, emotional intelligence, dealing with complexity and staying calm under pressure (a.o.) by mental training.

I will be talking about a practical, cost-efficient, science backed concept, easy to combine and integrate in existing training systems.