We had a fantastic time at EATS 2021, and so did our exhibitors.  Here’s some of the feedback we received!

As the aviation industry is emerging from the world-wide slow down, it has been tremendously refreshing to reconnect with so many familiar faces as well as new ones during EATS.

Having had more than 20 meetings within 2 days, it was such a pleasure for the Bolverk XR team to experience again the face-to-face feeling & excitement that we have missed for too long during this pandemic.

Furthermore, having one of our main customers presenting our VR drills live at the cabin crew conference, was a great experience for both of us as well as for the audience.

Thanks to the Halldale team for organizing such an awesome event again, making us exhausted with daily 10 hours standing at our booth and demoing our VR products – but with such a good feeling of enthusiasm & success from all airline representatives!

We are looking forward to the next event with Halldale at WATS to finally meet our American customers again.

Christophe Nagy, Sales Director, Bolverk

It was such a great pleasure to participate in an outstanding event like EATS! The conference was quite informal and useful, the exhibition was also exceptional and the attendees’ number exceeded our expectations.

We were so happy to finally meet everyone in person.

Thank you Halldale Team for making it happen!

Balázs Herendi, Sales Director, Simnest Aviation

We are extremely happy to have participated in EATS 2021. We had the opportunity to meet with clients and future clients for the first time in 2 years, which is valuable to our business. The team and the coordination of the event was amazing. EATS is essential to the growth and sustainability of the pilot training industry and we will not miss the next one!”

Ana Claudia Rojas H., Private-Radar

As expected, the EATS 2021 was again a great success. The event always guarantees nice people, insightful presentations, and interesting discussions with visitors and exhibitors. Overall a well-organized event. This year it was especially good to be reunited with known contacts, but also to meet new industry leaders. In sum: EATS is delicious.

Let’s meet (again) at EATS 2022!

Arnoud Schmitz- Drillster

¨Being back at EATS 2021 was a fulfilling experience. EATS conferences were an enjoyable and knowledgeable event. Subjects such as the next generation of technologies brought people to discussion during the show. It was inspiring.

The work done by the organizers was spectacular, bringing everyone back together.

We had the chance to meet new people from the sector, spend time with current customers and hold meetings with the ones we are hoping to establish a closer relationship with going forward¨.

Juan Jose Lechosa, Entrol

“EATS is a great event that brings together many of our existing customers with our future customers!”

Robin Pijnaker, Managing director of Flame Aviation

“EATS 2021 was an excellent event for creating contacts to new customers, getting exposure to our new products and having a dialogue with EASA and industry stakeholders. Thanks to the great support from the EATS support team, VRpilot got excellent exposure both at and after the event”

Dan Ulrich, Special Adviser, VR Pilot

“EATS 2021 was a blast! It’s great to have a live conference again after 18 months of online meetings and events. Halldale succeeded in addressing topics that had something to offer for everyone, both visitors and exhibitors. We look forward to the upcoming Halldale events.”

Wouter Hollenga, Marketing & Sales Officer, Avion Group

“For us at MINT Software Systems, EATS 2021 was mainly about meeting existing customers and prospects, and we also made some new, promising contacts.

The conversations were all very positive, with the optimistic hope of the “old normal” soon to return during the coming months. Indeed, if you look at global booking numbers, the demand for air travel rises in most world regions. The virus spread has significantly slowed down in some areas, but it still is very high in others. So it is to be seen how quickly the “old normal” will return on a global scale, and travel will be possible without the current restrictions, like the face mask mandate in both airports and planes. I estimate 2022 will still be a recovery year and that only by mid-2023 we may be able to travel “normally.” But there are many positive signs everywhere, and we could feel that in the conversations during EATS.

As a software provider, the overall need for digitalization in training and qualification management was a hot topic and the increasing demand for digital learning platforms and related tools. The Halldale aviation training events, including WATS, APATS, and the European-focused EATS, are a “must-do” for us as a market-leading TMS provider. These conferences provide a networking and information platform for leading aviation training managers and are one of the cornerstones of our global product promotion and marketing strategy.”

Frank Hugger, Director of Sales and Marketing, MINT Software Systems

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