Covid-19 Measures

Berlin Covid-19 Protocols:

The Berlin government data is available at this link if you have any questions or concerns please be sure to visit and we recommend that all delegates at least review the recommendations.

Each delegate must take responsibility for their decision to attend, ensure that they are aware of any restrictions that may apply to them or their country of origin and follow mandated safety protocols.

It is important that all attendees are aware that conditions for entry and remaining on site for EATS are quite strict.

As organisers Halldale will provide announcements and written reminders but local security staff will be appointed by the authorities to ensure hygiene standards are maintained.

Vaccines, Testing and Recovered Patients

At this time proof of full vaccination at least 14 days prior to arrival in country, and arrival at the venue are required.

These requirements vary by country and may change at any time. We will maintain a regular check and post alerts to all who are registered as well as to our site in a prominent position.

As of early September, US visitors must be fully vaccinated. Visitors from most European countries must provide proof of vaccination as above, or take an antigen test on arrival and at 24 hr intervals. More details on where to take those tests will be forthcoming.

We advise anyone not vaccinated to avoid large public meetings, including EATS. Should you decide to attend please see below for further hygiene details and know that you will be required to take 24 hourly tests on site.

General Information Collection

As the event organisers we will need your home address, and personal/home email if different from your work address. This is required of us by the Berlin authorities, for all attendees, and we must keep that data for 4 weeks after the event to allow for contact tracing if needed.

We are required to destroy all home address data at that time and will do so.

Mask Protocol

The wearing of a mask is mandatory and the masks used have to be certified as medical grade. Limited supplies of appropriate masks will be available for those who forget or lose their masks but delegates are advised to being their own.

Social Distancing

A distance of 1.5m is required. Within the conference hall, our chairs will be set appropriately & in the exhibition space we will have distancing markers in place and ‘one way’ aisles will be marked.

We request that all delegates observe and act on distancing measures.

Should large groups form they will be asked to disperse by local security staff.

Food and Beverage

In observance of the above social distancing measures, the venue will set up dispersed serving spaces and protective screens as mandated by Berlin authorities.

Exhibitors Demonstrations

We are aware that some exhibits involve ‘hands on’ demonstrations.

If your equipment is used in this way, the Exhibitor will be required to thoroughly clean the interfaces and contact points after each use.

Failure to comply with entry requirements will result in the delegate being turned away.

Failure to observe the required hygiene standards in force at the time of the event may also lead to ejection from EATS.

In these cases no compensation or refunds will be made.